May 7 2015

Creative Porting Employer: exozet   |   Client: InnoGames   |   Year: 2014 Tasks: Managing the porting team at exozet, client communication Build your empire and journey through the ages: Forge of Empires, the award-winning strategy game on your mobile device. Build[…]

May 7 2015

Cross-Plattform Awesomeness Employer: exozet   |   Year: 2015 Role: Product Owner The award-winning tile based board game! Just a few years after its release, Carcassonne became a modern classic and a must-play. Turn by turn, the players create a landscape by[…]

June 15 2014

Cross-Plattform Multiplayer Employer: exozet   |   Client: USM   |   Year: 2014 Tasks: Managing a team of Developers, Artist & Testers, planning, client communication, feature definition “Catan”, the legendary strategy game provides gaming fun anytime, anywhere. True to the original game[…]

April 9 2014

Creative Porting Employer: exozet   |   Client: Wooga   |   Year: 2014 Tasks: Managing a team of Developers, Artist & Testers, planning, client communication Diamond Dash for Android is a super-fast, hyper-addictive game! The ultimate 60-second matching puzzle game! More[…]

December 15 2013

Interactive Installation Year: 2012   |   Client: none Services: Modelling, Art, Coding, Animation, Interfacing Face Detection, Hardware Setup As you can tell by the reaction of the audience the exhibition of my Responsive Environment Project was a big success at the End of[…]

December 15 2013

Game Development Year: 2013   |   Client: none Services: Game Design, Art, Coding, Animation Once upon a time PeePee lived on the Planet Bruzz-L. He was a real loser and the filthiest guy on the planet. But the day[…]

December 15 2013

Creative Porting Employer: exozet   |   Client: Wooga   |   Year: 2013 Tasks: Managing a team of up to 10 specialists, planning, client communication Jelly Splash for Kakao Jelly Splash for Kakao is an immersive puzzle game – easy to[…]

December 14 2013

FIRST PUBLIC BETA! Jellyman is a retro-style 3D action platformer. The gameplay is designed after classic platform games like Mega Man and Super Mario. The look and feel is a reminiscence to early 3D games like Star Fox (Lylat Wars)[…]

March 14 2012

Join Bender, Fry and the rest of the Futurama gang in a planet-hopping match-4 puzzle adventure with an all-new story from the makers of the TV show. Features Variety of levels including collection, obstacles and pizza delivery! Travel through multiple worlds in a[…]